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  • Anne Fontaine
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Welcome to Affaire de Femmes online shop.

After successful years in fashion and retail we decided to take the next step. An online shop. Be the first one to know about new collections, sales and specials

Pant Rinera flower Cambio
Jeans 7/8 length Liu-short Cambio narow cut
Jeans lili flower embroidery
Pants Rinera flower  white Cambio
Pants Famous Cambio
Pants Ecaille Anne Fontaine

It's about what you want

The better you feel.......... the better you attract.

Don't forget to stop and smell the roses...

Cambio Collection of 2017 looks amazing

After having a good look at the 2017 collection I have to say that Im blown away by the great quality upgrades Cambio did last year.
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The NEW Affaire de Femmes

I would like to welcome you to Affaire de Femmes brand new webshop. We're almost done and hope to have the whole collection online very soon!
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